People and Wine pairing.

All the time we talk about food and wine pairing. We are always looking for the perfect marriage between flavors of food and the unique characteristics of a wine. A few days ago I had a wonderful 2006 Cheval de Los Andes. Even though the wine was still young it was great. It is one... Leer más →

Corked Wine

Last night I opened a 2006 wine that had beautiful aromas at the time that I was decanting it. When I poured it into my glass and I tasted the wine I just get wet cardboard box in aromas and flavors. The wine was corked. What is a corked wine or cork taint wine? A... Leer más →

Chocolate and Wine

I’ve been working with the owner of Chocolarte, a local Chocolate company here in the South Bay area. We’ve experimented chocolate and wine pairings. We had white chocolate ganache with strawberry pieces, white chocolate ganache with fruit reduction and chocolate milk with coffee beans. For wines we had a Chateau St. Jean "Robert Young Vineyard"... Leer más →

Tasting a Wine

Most of us like wine and enjoy it. But sometimes we get intimidate by a person who looks to have more knowledge in wine, the one that swirl his glass, smell the wine and in a laud voice let us know what he found in the wine. Many times we try and try to find... Leer más →

First Words

I’ve being getting good questions from you guys. First of all Respect the wine. Wine like any other food that we ingest has the agriculture history. Keep on mind the farmers and workers that had produce your wine in the same way that you respect the people who work on the fields to bring us... Leer más →

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